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The Biggest Nutrition Problems Athletes Face Today

Poor food choices. It's unbelievable the amount of bad food some 'healthy' looking people eat. The truth is, you can be skinny and in great shape, but if your nutrition isn't where it should be- your results, energy, speed, and endurance will all suffer.

Making a few key changes can turn around your fitness level, get you through a plateau and give you the extra edge that most athlets are looking for.

Too Many Processed Foods

Diets with granola bars, crackers, chips, soda, pasta, white bread, bagels, muffins, other baked goods. Most athletes are consuming large amounts of processed carbohydrates on a daily basis.

Carbohydrates are definitely an important requirement for the athlete, but most athletes don't need nearly the volume of carbohydrates they're eating and the source of those carbs are not ideal. I'll cover the best sources in this book.

If you want optimal performance, smart carbohydrate choices need to be consumed in balance with two other nutrients – proteins and fats.

Many athletes are significantly lacking this and eat diets primarily made up of simple carbs.

Reliance On ‘Sport’ Products

Whether it’s energy drinks, protein or energy bars, protein drinks or meal replacement shakes, athletes are focusing on fast delivery fuel sources that come in a package.Do not be misled by "healthy" product marketing. While these products may come out slightly ahead of your average chocolate bar, bottle of soda, or fast food meal, they're not ideal if you want to maximize your performance or fitness level. Your best sources are real, natural, organic whole foods.

Carb Loading Strategies

Carb loading the day before an event is more likely to lead to a rebound state of hypoglycemia, leaving you performing more poorly than you would have without 'carb loading'. In the book I cover what you need to do on race day, instead of carb loading.

Too Many Or Few Calories

Typically one of two things happens.The first is that the athlete is incredibly body weight conscious and consumes far less fuel than they need to perform optimally. Because they aren’t taking in as much food as they should be, they suffer nutritional deficiencies, lack energy, experience poor recovery, and may find their motivation to train starts to wane as well.

Or, the opposite occurs and an athlete thinks that because they're so highly active, they can eat whatever they want – they’ll be burning off the energy anyway.These individuals often end up taking in far too many calories, which just sets them up to experience fat gain into the future.

Athletes will need to accept a slower rate of fat loss if that is the goal so that they can still maintain relatively adequate calorie intakes to help ensure they are going to be able to keep up their training.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

If you are an athlete who is looking to lean down, you need to be making sure that you use sound approaches. Quick-fix strategies are bad for just about everyone, but for you, they’re downright disastrous.

In this book I'll cover how you can get lean, toned and increase your endurance, speed and energy by choosing the right foods.

Nutrition for Athletes: How to Increase Your Energy, Speed and Endurance with Natural Foods. by Jennifer S. Roman

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Jennifer S. Roman
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Nutrition for Athletes: How to Increase Your Energy, Speed and Endurance with Natural Foods.

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