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Greatest Moments in Video Game History is the most extensive book of video game facts available today. While books written in a similar vein provide readers with general facts, “Greatest Moments in Video Game History” brings to light the lesser-known facts that will take you on an exciting trip through history starting in 1947 and running through 2012.

Greatest Moments in Video Game History is not just a chronological list of events; it also features stories that you will not read anywhere else, noteworthy game releases, scandals, bans, publicity stunts gone wrong, Guinness gaming records, and a look at the best and worst game releases throughout the years.

I hope that you will be as entertained reading this book, as I was writing it!

Partial Index:

-Chronologically Speaking

-Noteworthy Releases
-Lowest Rated Games by Year
-Guinness Gaming
-Did you know? Facts & Spotlights
-Game of the Year Awards
-Game Developer Quotes
-1970: An Underwhelming Demonstration
-Behind The Scenes: Ted Dabney, Nolan Bushnell’s Other Half
-1971: Magnavox Signs Up
-1972: Atari Makes The Scene
-1973: PLATO Empire Becomes Civilization
-1974: Atari Employs Sneaky Marketing Strategy
-1975: Atari Creates Horror Games To Hide From Lawsuit
-1976: Death Race Sparks Public Outcry
-1977: Pong Clones Cause First Market Crash
-1978: The First MUD is Created
-1979: Atari Programmers Walk
-1980: Donkey Kong Introduces The World to Mario
-Do You Remember Buying Games In Plastic Bags?
-Urban Legend: Government Arcade Game Is A Real Killer
-1981: Philippines Bans Video Games
-1982: Atari Chases Down Munchkin For Copying Pac-Man
-1983: Atari Dumps E.T. the Extraterrestrial
-Nintendo and Atari Almost Hook-Up
-Women’s Group Protests Custer’s Revenge
-1984: King’s Quest Debuts
-Did you know…? King Kong Tries To Eat Donkey Kong
-1985: Nintendo Entertainment System Launches
-1986: The Legend of Zelda Begins
-1987: Maniac Mansion vs. Leisure Suit Larry
-1988: Out Run Wins Game of the Year
-1989: The First God Game Releases
-1990: Nintendo Sues Game Genie Developer
-Key Members of id Software Begin To Collaborate
-Lucky Contest Winner Gets Name In Zelda
-1991: The Kings of the First-Person Shooter
-The Life and Times of id Software
-1992 – Wolfenstein 3D Spawns An Entire Genre39
-1993: Mortal Monday Arrives
-1994: The Entertainment Software Rating Board Is Created
-1995: 28,000 Attend First E3 Expo
-The E3 1995 Console Wars
-The World Goes Postal
-1996: The Tamagotchi Sells Big
-Himbos (Male Bimbos) Invade Simcopter!
-The Trials and Tribulations of Tomb Raider
-1997: Richard Garriott Presents Ultima Online
-Underwear Shenanigans in Metal Gear Solid
-1998: Sega Channel Fails
-Fact or Fiction: A South Park Short Accidentally Ships With Tiger Wood ‘99 Opens Shop
-1999: The EverQuest Adventure Begins
-2000: The Sims Come To Life
-What Do Buffy The Vampire Slayer and American McGee’s Alice Have In Common?
-2001: Microsoft Shows Off Xbox Video Game System
-September 11 Changes the Face of Flight Simulator
-2002: Resident Evil Hits Big Screen
-Road Rash Deemed Not Good Enough For Prisoners
-Acclaim Wants You To Change Your Name To Turok
-2003: Research Suggests Video Games Decrease Pain
-Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Retails For… Free!
-2004: 2 Million Pre-orders For Nintendo DS
-2005: Grand Theft Auto Spills Hot Coffee
-2006: Sony’s White PSP Adverts Bring Racist Accussations
-Halo 3 Easter Egg: The Creepy Monkey Family
-2007: Gods of War II Launch Party Serves Goat
-GTA IV Easter Egg – The Statue of Happiness
-2008: PETA Attacks Cooking Mama

Plus much more!

Greatest Moments in Video Game History by D.B. Weston

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