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Author's Note: If you think history should have just one side of the story, do not buy this book. If you do not want to know why the animosity between the Germans and the Jews, then do not read this book. If you do not like to read about war, or race, then do not read this book. If you want to read a blunt history, then read this book. This is the complete version that follows Mengele through his war in the East. While many misspellings and grammar issues were addressed, I apologize for what remains.
What kind of background must a man have to become chief physician at Auschwitz- Birkenau. How does one become capable of standing on a platform and whistling opera while sending people off to their death; men women and children. What must a man believe in to participate in the development of a genetically aimed poison dart designed to destroy another race, and not worrying about collateral damage.
Follow the career of Hauptstanfuhrer Doktor Josef Mengele, from living through a great depression, super inflation, and two world wars. He had experienced all the worse things that war serves up before he was posted with an evaporated soul to Auschwitz. His connections ran high in the hierarchy of Nazi doctors and the SS. He was sent there by design. There was a plan.
In the twenty-five years since this book was copyright there has not been one shred of scientific discovery that casts doubt on my explanation of the how and why HIV was created. . Blacks are now approaching fourteen times more susceptible to the disease than whites. Is it because of a behavioral problem: promiscuity, sharing of needles, release of convicts, homosexuality? There a more basic reason. There is a genetic reason
1869 Miescher extracts cellular debris from pus. It is DNA
1872 Moritz Kaposi, a Jewish dermatologist identifies a lethal skin cancer that seems to attack only elderly Jewish males.
1921 de Herelle publishes his The Bacteriophages:It's Role in Immunity/ How a virus can be used to kill bacteria.
1934 von Verschuer identifies Kaposi Sarcoma as a genetic disease.
1939 Both the German Research Council and the Reichfuhrer-SS spend more money on genetic research than physics and chemistry. They opted for a genetic bomb in lieu of an atomic bomb.
1943-45 Mengele is sent to Auschwitz by Verschuer
1945-1949 Mengele disappears
1960 An aggressive form of Kaposi Sarcoma erupts within the Rakai region of Africa, just
west of Lake Victoria.that once was a German colony.
1972 Recombinat DNA takes place in a petri dish. The genes of a mouse and E Coli are blended, demostrating the capabilities of the science and the shockingly low tech procedure required to do it.
1989 Kaposi Sarcoma becomes the numbe one killer of Black men in Africa. Prior to 1960 there were no recorded incidence of this disease among the native population.
1991 Robert Gallo in his book Virus Hunting, states that a doctor he respects and trust, saw a case of AIDS on the west coast of Lake Victoria in 1950. The man died. He was a Norseman.
1993 the virus that has destoyed millions is being researched to correlate t incidce of nucleotides of Kaposi Sarcoma within the virion. There is no doubt that the outer protein coat of the original virus, SIV, that for eons infected only monkeys, has been influenced by gene sequences indigenouus to man, Which allows it to live within men, until it kills them.

Joseph Mengele's Nazi Virus by Marija

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Joseph Mengele's Nazi Virus

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