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Anyone who is unable to curb his impatience will be less able to conduct at least some job metaphysical order; as an initial exercise even just try in anything not to get involved, to focus on a single idea, all the same which, for half a minute (I think it's not too much), and they will see that we are not mistaken, calling into question their ability to [33]. So, we have nothing more to add with respect to the means by which the intellectual elite can be established in the West; even assuming the most favorable circumstances, we can not say that it will be possible once an institution, but it does not mean that we should not think of preparing it now. As for the fallen at a fraction of the elite roles, it reveals quite clearly from all that has been said so far: it is essentially a return to the traditional Western civilization, with its principles and the whole ensemble of its institutions. This return must be carried out in order, going from principles to consequences, descending gradually to the most casual of applications; this can be done only by using both the Eastern data, and what was left of the traditional elements of the West itself, making up some other, layering them, but without changing their own, giving them, in the deepest direction to which they are susceptible, all their fullness own meaning of existence. We said that we must first adhere to a purely intellectual point of view, and as a completely natural reflection, little by little, the consequences will be distributed more or less rapidly in all other areas, including the sphere of social applications; In addition, if any significant work would have already done in other areas, it is obvious that it should be welcomed, but it is necessary to pay attention in the first place, as should not be given before the main advantage of secondary importance. Up until they reach a desired point considerations concerning secondary viewpoints should be considered as exemplary only, or rather "illustrations"; indeed, they can, if they are submitted on time and in an appropriate form, to promote the facilitation of understanding the most essential truths, giving them the kind of support and awaken the attention of people who, because of an erroneous assessment of their own abilities, they find themselves unable to achieve net intelligence, not knowing, however, what it is; even remember what we said above about the unexpected means, which can on occasion identify individual development at the beginning. It should be in the strongest point narazlichie between essential and accidental; but by setting this difference, we do not want to define any limits restricting the role of the elite, in which each will always be able to find (as it more than necessary) use their special abilities, and without prejudice to the essential. In general, the original elite to work on itself, because, of course, its members gain from their own immediate advantage of constituting a permanent and inalienable acquisition; but at the same time, and therefore, it will work with the same necessity, although indirectly, and to the public because it is impossible for such work was carried out in a certain environment is not eventually producing significant changes. Moreover, the intellectual tendencies are subject to quite definite laws, and knowledge of these laws will allow to operate much more efficiently than using purely empirical means; but here, in order to achieve the application and implementation in its entirety, it is necessary to rely on the organization firmly arranged, this does not mean that private, tangible results can not be obtained up to this point. No matter how incomplete and imperfect available means, it is necessary, however, to start with, so that they indulge in as they are, without which you can never buy something better; We add that the smallest, but executed in harmonious accord with the principles of the procedure carries a virtually possible dissemination of which can cause the most extraordinary consequences, and, in all areas, to the extent that his reflections will be distributed in accordance with their hierarchical distribution and by an infinite progression [34].

Sex, Love, and Friendship: Studies of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love: 1993-2003 by Adrianne Leigh McEvoy

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Adrianne Leigh McEvoy
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Sex, Love, and Friendship: Studies of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love: 1993-2003

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